Learn Nalbinding


Instructor: Nharah Clark of SPARKLE Studio

Time of Class: 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Saturday, March 23

Nharah will give an overview of the ancient art of Nalbinding as you learn two of the most common stitches: Oslo and Mammen. She will also provide fascination informatuon on the history of this technique.

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Skill Level: No prior knowledge or experience required.

Age Requirements: Class open to anyone age 10 and up without adult supervision. Children under the age of 10 may take the class, but an accompanying adult must also register and pay for the class.

Other Information: Nalbinding needles may be purchased after class in the SPARKLE Studio booth.

About the Instructor: Nharah is a fiber artist, instructor, and historic textile specialist. For the last six years, she has co-owned SPARKLE Studio, a working and teaching fiber arts studio located at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in Huntsville, AL. She is deeply immersed in historic reenactment and has devoted 25 years to learning and teaching the fiber arts methods of the past. Over the years, she has added fiber processing spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, sewing, and embroidery to her fiber arts repertoire.


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