Online Workshop Registration is now closed.  Unless full, all of our current workshops are available for walk-ins the day of the class.  


  • Beginning Rug Hooking Class – Teresa Goaty – $105
    Students will learn basic rug hooking techniques and practice hooking with the traditional wool strips and some fun non-traditional materials as well.  Discover new possibilities for this age-old craft!  All equipment and materials are provided.  (Note that the student will most likely not finish the project in class, but will have everything needed to complete it at home.)
  • Beginning Crochet – Jonee Davis – $50
    This class is ultimately for the beginneror those that might be in need of a refresher. You won’t find me beating you with a stick to crochet the way I do… the whole purpose of the course is to get you to do hands on learning and find your own method. Everyone holds their hooks and yarn differently. This class is free flowing and is about finding your own rhythm with crochet.
    All material will be provided plus you will be able to go home with a great sampler. You will start a project with the stitches we’ve learned in class. I will have handouts and several patterns available for students to take home with them. You will also be learning to read a pattern.  Beginners.
  • Introduction to Botanical Printing – Jan Quarles – $85
    In this class, you will be learning the basics and the magic of printing material from nature– leaves, flowers and other natural materials — on fabric. You will learn about the seasons of eco printing, some of its history, and about which natural material prints.
    Jan will explain the basic printing process. The kit for the class includes a long silk scarf which students will then lay out, roll and tie for steaming. Jan will steam the scarves for three hours and they will be available for pickup later or they can be taken home to be steamed to set. Notes, gloves and some leaf material will also be provided..The class is suitable for beginners.
  • Natural Dyes from Wood Sources – Gina Levesque – $45
    Sometimes different techniques must be used to achieve the best results. In this class we will explore the various types of dyes, both native and historical, which are derived from the woody parts of plants (including roots, heartwood, and bark) and what extraction methods yield the best results. Most of these dyes are considered to be light and colorfast. Many of them have fascinating histories. Please wear old clothes. Each student will go home with a notebook and small sample skeins of each dye.


  • FULL: Beginning Spinning on a Wheel – Beth Collier
  • Beyond Crochet-Beginning Crochet part 2 – Jonee Davis – $50
    Now that you have learned basic crochet it’s time to further your knowledge with a few stitches and techniques that are very helpful, and that I use all the time.  In this class we will work on Foundation Stitches, Magic Circle, Crochet in the Round, and will start a hat. You will leave with a started project and enough information to finish with ease. We will also be working from a written pattern so if you are having any difficulty I will help you understand.
    All material will be provided plus you will be able to go home with a started project. I will have handouts and several patterns available for students to take home with them. Advanced beginners.
  • Continuous Strand Weaving on every shape – Bex Oliger – $55
    Learn this magical technique for creating triangles, squares or rectangles of woven fabric that can be joined together to make shawls, scarves, pouches, rugs, pillows, etc. Bex’s mother wrote THE book on this method! No measuring, warping, or math needed for this class. Finish a complete project in 3 hours! Try our popular washcloth loom. This is a great way to learn more about continuous strand weaving with no initial investment in theloom and equipment. Class fee includes use of looms and tools, materials including yarn, written handout and instruction. Students who purchase their loom will receive a $10 discount at time of purchase.


  • 24 Colors With One Cochineal Pot  – Diana Armes Wallace – $105
    Come participate in a Dyeing Adventure.  We start with 24 skeins of pre-mordanted yarn.  Students will dye, post-mordant and dip the yarns and we will see 24 colors once all is finished.  This will require great attention to detail. Everyone will go home with 24 colors of yarn charted and explained how each color was attained.
    Beginners aged 12 and up.


  • Rigid Heddle: Beyond Plain Weave – Angela Schneider – $60
    Expand your rigid-heddle weaving with a collection of techniques to add texture to plain weave. Learn several varieties of hand-manupulated lace and create patterns with one and two pick-up sticks. Intermediate and up.  Students must be able to warp a rigid heddle loom.
  • Love Your Blending Board: Beyond The Rolags – Debbie Held – $65 We will uncover the (many!) ways to prepare fiber using a simple blending board. First we will go over the basics (how much fiber to load on a blending board, how to make blending soooo much easier, the order in which to pack fiber and add-ins, etc.) From there we will create basic smooth, as well as textured, rolags, then move on to more advanced fiber preparation: pulled roving, dizzed roving, gradient batts, and more. You will never look at your blending board quite the same way again!
    Students bring your own blending board.
  • Fun Techniques in Rug Hooking – Teresa Goatey – $70
    For beginners and more experienced rug hookers alike.  In this class we will practice basic rug hooking techniques, as well as proddy flowers, standing wool circles and beading.  We’ll also be using a variety of materials to hook our design.  Come and learn a modern twist on an old craft! 
  • Intro to Color Cables – Andi Smith – $45
    Raise your cable skills with this creative technique. Andi Smith, author of Big Foot Knits, Synchronicity, and Color Cables will teach you how, beginning with two colors, and ending with a multitude. You’ll learn how to work the stitches, what patterns work, how to choose yarns that work together, and how to avoid ones that don’t!
    Students should be comfortable with the following cable sts – 1/1 RT, 1/1 LT, 1/1 RpT, 1/1 LpT, 2/1 RpC, 2/1 LpC, 2/2 RC, 2/2 LC.
    Students should bring:
    DK or worsted weight SMOOTH wool (not cotton) in two very different colors, each divided into two  balls (4 balls total) and two sets of appropriate needles.
    Cable needle (optional)
    Homework 1:
    With one ball of first color, cast on 31 sts.
    Row 1: P1, *k1tbl, p1; repeat from * to end of row.
    Row 2: K1, *p1tbl, k1; repeat from * to end of row.
    Repeat these two rows for 3 inches.
    Homework 2:
    With second ball of first color, cast on 34 sts.
    Row 1: P2, *k2, p2; repeat from * to end of row.
    Row 2: K2, *p2, k2; repeat from * to end of row.
    Repeat these two rows for 3 inches.


  • Double Knitting, plain and fancy – Angela Schneider – $60
    Double knitting produces two-sided cloth. Use one yarn to create pillows, pockets, or double-thickness knitting with two right sides. Move on to two-color double knitting to produce reversible color patterns. Designs appear on both sides of the work with the colors switched. Knit a small sample including casting on and binding off in double knitting and following a pattern chart.
    Intermediate – Must be able to knit and purl.
  • Crocheted Socks – Jonee Davis – $40
    Learning to crochet socks is a whole lot of fun. You don’t need many supplies and the best part is that it’s a portable project.  You can crochet socks almost anywhere. Socks can be intimidating at first but they are not hard. Each step will be explained in detail and I will be there to help throughout the process until you feel comfortable. We will also be creating a foot template for you to help with that perfect fit. Handouts and yarn will be provided. Students must know basic stitches. You will take home a sock as a sample. Student to bring a size D and E hook, and pencil or pen.
  • Intro to Tapestry – Robin Goatey – $80
    Learn weft-face weaving on The Dancing Goats’ “Tayet” travel-size loom.  True tapestry has a weft facing while the warp disappears into the structure and packing of weave.  The class includes a Tayet student tapestry loom, warp thread, beater fork and 2 safety needles.  We will warp the mini-loom in class and practice the techniques of weft-facing, adding joins and changing colors.  Students should bring a variety of yarn weights and colors to the class.  Dyed long-wool locks also work great in these little tapestries.  Beginners aged 15 with no adult accompaniment.
  • 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Knitting – Bex Oliger – $50
    A must have class about YOUR knitting! Topics covered include but are never limited to: holding the yarn, stitch structure, gauge, hand, fiber/needle choices, reading patterns and charts, adjusting/ changing patterns, substituting yarns, cast-on/bind-off/side edges, correcting mistakes, random historic and cultural facts…..Learn how to knit forward and backwards and with both hands at the same time. Knit English and Continental, Short Rows and Entrelac, Fair Isle and Doubleknit. Create the best style for you to knit- quickly, comfortably and with confidence. Whether you want to learn the easiest way for YOU, are left handed trying to knit in a right handed world, knit English style and want to learn Continental or just want to make your knitting faster and more ergonomic, this is a great class for you. Knitters of all levels welcome. Challenge if you think you are an advanced knitter: If you REALLY can’t find 25 things you didn’t know in this class, I’ll refund $25 at the end and you can keep the handout.
    Class Fee $50 includes teaching, handout and 40g of wool yarn. Bring US size 7 or 8 circular needles at least 32”, a pencil and basic knitting notions including a measuring tape and calculator.
    Requirements: can Knit and Purl and Pay Attention for 3 hours.