Blending Boards: Carding for Color


Instructor: Debbie Held

Time of Class: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 23

Who needs a drum carder? Not you! Learn how to use your blending board to harness intentional color effects in your spinning and resulting yarn, as we explore gradients, fractals, tweeds, and more. Students will leave with the batts, roving, and roll-ups they created in class.

Supplies to bring with you: Your own blending board and any accessories it came with, plus a diz if you have one. Instructor supplies all other supplies.

Be sure to scroll down and read complete class details and requirements before registering for this class.

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Skill Level: This is NOT an introductory blending board class. Though you need not be an expert, some understanding of spinning and carding concepts is helpful for this fun, fast-paced class.

Age Requirements: The minimum age for this class is 17.

About the Instructor: Debbie Held is a freelance writer and international fiber arts educator. She’s a recurring contributor to Spin Off magazine and its blog, PLY Magazine, the SweetGeorgia blog, and more, and she’s also the writer behind the Interweave column, Her Handspun Habit. Debbie is a spinning instructor for the School of SweetGeorgia and teaches courses throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her second book, The Blending Board Bible is due out in the winter of 2025 from Stackpole Publishing.


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