Freestyle Weaving for the Creative Spirit


Instructor: Jaspher Hughey of The Foldout Cat

Weave your heart! Learn to weave freestyle and free-spirited on a simple floor loom. Honor your inner sense of beauty and truth as you play with color, texture, and technique, and come away with a unique piece of woven art that reflects your creative spirit (yes, you do have one!). Students will learn basic skills of freestyle weaving on an approachable, easy-to-use two-harness SAORI floor loom. A few weaving techniques will be taught, but the emphasis of the class will be on exploration of color and texture in the service of personal expression. Students will take home what they weave.

If students want to bring something personally meaningful to them to incorporate into their weaving if possible, they’re welcome–indeed, encouraged–to do so. Some past examples: specialty paper, pieces of jewelry (this is a fun use for unmatched earrings and stray pendants), dyed or undyed fiber, leftover quantities of treasured yarn too small to knit or crochet into a finished item. Otherwise, students just need to bring their willingness to experiment and explore–and to practice imperfection!

Be sure to scroll down and read complete class details and requirements before registering for this class.

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Time of Class: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Friday

Skill Level: No previous experience with weaving required (though experienced weavers are as welcome as complete novices). Freestyle weaving is intended to be accessible to everyone, no matter their level of skill or knowledge.

Materials Fee: $0

Age Requirements: Class open to students 8 years old and up. No adult accompaniment necessary. Students must be tall enough to reach the floor pedals on the looms and able to focus for the duration of the class.



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