Rings and Chains – Intermediate Shuttle Tatting


Instructor: Roiana Buckmaster of Buckmaster Family Farm

For those who have mastered shuttle tatting rings, it is time to add chains! In this class, students will learn to add a second thread from the ball and use two threads to make chains and rings, forming a continuous length of lace edging or more complicated medallions than rings alone. We will also explore reading patterns from a chart and hiding thread ends for a tidy finish. Materials are provided as well as a tatting shuttle for students to keep and are included in the class fee.

Be sure to scroll down and read complete class details and requirements before registering for this class.

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Time of Class: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Friday

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced — Student must understand the basic tatting stitch and how to ‘flip the stitch’.

Materials Fee: $0 — Teacher will provide all materials needed. Student may keep the tatting shuttle used in class.

Age Requirements: Class open to anyone age 12 and up.



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