Gettin’ Batty with It: Art-Batt Tools & Techniques


Instructor: Jaspher Hughey of The Foldout Cat

What is an art batt? How might you make one? What can you do with it, and why would you want to? How do dog combs come into the fiber-prep picture? And what in the world is a rolag? Learn answers to those questions–and more! Students will leave with the basic skills needed to create art batts, knowledge of some handy creative-carding tools, and fibery clouds of various kinds designed using ingredients from the unique Foldout Cat Batt Buffet and created using hand cards, blending boards, and drum carders. We’re batty for batts–and we think you will be as well!

Be sure to scroll down and read complete class details and requirements before registering for this class.

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Time of Class: 9:00 am to noon on Friday

Skill Level: No prior knowledge of fiber prep in general or carding in particular needed to take this class, which is geared towards the beginner.

Materials Fee: $0

Age Requirements: Class open to students 13 years old and up. No adult accompaniment necessary. Students must be tall enough to reach the drum carders and to treat them with the care both student and carder deserve, and must be able to focus for the duration of the class.



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